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Lady Wine is born from the love for wine art in all its aspects: cultivation, history of wines and places where they are born, tastings and proposals of the best products on the market for its customers.

The idea is to combine the twenty-year experience of Nadia Iacovelli with the endless possibilities that the web brings with it, to providing our customers with a unique selection of wines to choose from as well as detailed sections specifically designed to contribute to the international development of the wine Industry.

Lady Wine is proposed to the public in 2016 as a way to share the personal and professional passion for wine directly with customers, by enabling them to buy and live remarkable experiences that only wine can offer. Everything that Lady Wine offers is the result of an accurate choice in the name of quality and the highest sensory expression that the wine offers: you will travel with us in the vineyards of the most important wineries and Italian companies, listen to the accurate evaluations on the wines tasted and finally you can choose the bottle to open on your table.

Like words and images, wine is also an important means of communication, not only for individuals, but also for peoples and cultures, because expresses very well the fusion between nature, technology and skill: and Lady Wine will be able to bring all this together in this space dedicated to the world of wine.